Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sugar Update

Sugar is out of Surgery and from what I have heard it went well. He is at Mercy Hospital, 10th Floor, bed 24 and is accepting visitors.




Do you know what the surgery was...was it for the eye?


Anonymous said...

Michael, the surgery was for the thumb that was degloved. His eyes was fine. That night of the accident I went over to the hospital and eye was already down to normal thank God. He's in good spirits just very sore and under alot of medication. Tim says, thank you to all who have been over to visit him and who have called my house to see how he was doing. I've told him that everyone at the velodrome have been very concerned. We would like to take a collection starting friday to help him with hospital cost that the insurance won't cover. I hope to see everyone at fridays race at the velodrome and we will get more in detail. Thank you very much everyone for showing your love and sending your prayers.

Daddy Iggy

Anonymous said...

thank you for posting such nice messagges for Tim on Iggy's blog. You are the best.

Daddy Iggy