Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Muchas Gracias!

First and foremost, the Silva's would like to thank God for giving Iggy the talent to be where he is today. Without God none of this would be possible and the Silva's welcome all who would like to join in their pre-race prayer circles.

The Silva's would also like to thank all of the people and Businesses who pitch in to help take Iggy to the next level, not only in cycling, but in life as well. We have created several lists in the sidebar. These lists will grow weekly, daily, hourly... If you do not see your name listed, it is not because we don't appreciate your contributions, it is it is because there are countless people who have made this ride possible and we are racking our brains to remember each and every one of you. If you feel your name has been left out, please contact us so we can give credit where credit is due. We do not want to leave anybody out. One more thing, if your name is listed and it does not link to your website or blog, please email me the info and I will be sure to make the necessary changes.

ted johnston at cox dot net

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Schmalz said...

GREAT IDEA to start a blog!! let me know if you want a guest author!!