Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nationals, Here We Come...

After much scrambling around and last minute errands, Iggy is on the road to Nationals. Iggy and his Dad headed out early this morning. First to Colorado, then on to Pennsylvania. Please join us in wishing him the best of luck and a safe trip.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Monday, June 25, 2007

Iggy at Rest

I thought I would post this photo of Iggy chillin at the track getting in a little reading. He went on the win both of his races which were put on by the people from Arizona who use our track to put on their races.

Iggy takes off on Wednesday for Colorado and then Pennsylvania for Junior Nationals. We all wish him good luck.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Iggy ll, Iggy lll and Mark Scott

"Ted, my friend at the coffee shop just sent you this photo that Nicks father from SDBC gave us yesterday. I forgot Nick's last name but he's a pro. You probably know him because he goes to Adams ave. Also his father's name is Don. I know that Iggy knows his last name. I just want credit where credit is due. You know what I mean. Once again that picture was taken at the El Cajon crit in April of the 29th day. That's Mark Scott and Daddy with his Bud Light. Thanks for being our friend."

I am guessing that the photo may have been taken by Nick Onate's father, Don. I will amend the credit if need be. Thank you, Don.

Ignacito at Glendale

Ignacio and bIggy drove up to Glendale yesterday so the kid could loosen up his legs in the 1-2 Pro race. Iggy ll called me last night and told me that Iggy raced hard, chasing down breaks, taking big pulls, you name it. I can't believe how strong this kid is and he seems to get stronger by the day. Did I mention he is only 16? Iggy finished with the group, but got some fast training out of the trip. I wish I could have been there. Thanks to Jonathan Ho, we can all see a bit of the action. Thank you again, Jonathan, your photos are amazing.

Father and Son

Friday, June 15, 2007

Some More Photos From Ontario by Jonathan Ho

Jonathan Ho was kind enough to send us the following photos of Iggy in the 1-2 Pro race in Ontario, California. Be sure to check out his other photos by clicking on his name. Thank you, Jonathan.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another Great Photo from Ontario by Dan Munson

We really appreciate Dan Munson sending us these great photos. I cannot believe how clear they are. This guy is amazing. Thank you once again, Dan. Be sure to check out his site for more great photos.

Ontario 1-2 Pro

Iggy(second from the right) duking it out with the Pro's in his 3rd 1-2 Pro race. He got 4th in the sprint and 13th overall. This photo graces the home page at

Monday, June 11, 2007

A Message From Iggy's Daddy

At one time or another, many people have lent us a hand. Whether it was someone giving us giving us clothing, working on Iggy's bike or even giving us lodging for a race. From the time that Dave Sr. from Pedal Pushers built Iggy's first wheels, to Steve Taylor getting Iggy some cranks off of Ebay after noticing Iggy's cranks were too long. I remember when Gary Westergren bought a funny looking bike at the velodrome so that Iggy could have a road bike (we still have it). How about Tony Olson and Pam Jorgenson have never gotten the credit they deserve for all of the good they have done for so many over many years. They have produced many riders through their classes at the San Diego Velodrome for children and adults. I call poor Tony daily asking him all types of questions. I have turned him into a good listener. I know Pam gets scared when I show up at the Velodrome while she and Tony are teaching their classes. She knows I will be talking to just about everyone and unintentionally disrupt her classes. I thank both of you for putting up with me. Shaun Wallace, Erik Hollenbeck, Shawn Burke, Chris Daggs, Nick Onate...geez, there are just so many people to thank. I will get to you all some day, so please bear with me. I want to thank you all for not babying Iggy and showing him the way it is. He is a tough kid and you guys deserve credit for toughening him up. Right Iggy? Iggy's childhood friends, Jimmy, Ky, Val, Jacob, Joe, Tim...what a great bunch of kids you are. I still believe you guys will buy the Chargers one day.

I would really like to thank the San Diego High School Baccalaureate Program, Principal Karen Wrobleski and all of Iggy's teachers who have worked with him and have allowed him train while getting his education.

Some of you who do not want the credit you deserve, thank you. We will never forget you and together we will make a difference.

Kids, never forget to be grateful for what you have and what your parents sacrifice just so you may continue to reach your goals and dreams. Remember if you aim low, you won't go. If you aim for the stars, you will go far. NEVER QUIT! You are just being tested.

The Power of believing. Don't forget to 'Get Iggy with it!' I know we have a long way to go, but the wheels are in motion.

Ted, Thank you for putting this blog together for us. Gina, you better keep training, Alison, you're a cutie..."Who's your Daddy?"

A special thank you to Dan Munson for sending me this photo of Iggy in the final turn of the final lap in Ontario last weekend. What an awesome photo.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Velodrome Video Featuring Iggy

Some people from the San Diego Union-Tribune came out to the Velodrome awhile back and did a story on the Velodrome. They made a video as well and Iggy was one of the riders interviewed. You can view the video here, it is well worth watching. Thanks go out to Don Norcross, Nicole Vargas and Sean Haffey for an excellent job.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Muchas Gracias!

First and foremost, the Silva's would like to thank God for giving Iggy the talent to be where he is today. Without God none of this would be possible and the Silva's welcome all who would like to join in their pre-race prayer circles.

The Silva's would also like to thank all of the people and Businesses who pitch in to help take Iggy to the next level, not only in cycling, but in life as well. We have created several lists in the sidebar. These lists will grow weekly, daily, hourly... If you do not see your name listed, it is not because we don't appreciate your contributions, it is it is because there are countless people who have made this ride possible and we are racking our brains to remember each and every one of you. If you feel your name has been left out, please contact us so we can give credit where credit is due. We do not want to leave anybody out. One more thing, if your name is listed and it does not link to your website or blog, please email me the info and I will be sure to make the necessary changes.

ted johnston at cox dot net

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Race Results

2009 Race Results

Dominguez Hills Crit Men's Pro Race
7th Place

Long Beach Grand Prix Pro Men's Race Saturday
3rd Place

San Dimas Crit March 22
7th Place

San Dimas Road Race March 21
3rd Place

Dominguez Crit March 8th
6th Place

MERCO Cycling Classic March 1st
1st Place

MERCO Crit February 28th
12th Place

Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium February 15th
14th Place

Red Trolley Classic February 8th
10th Place

Imperial Valley Criterium January 31st
2nd Place

Dominguez Hills Criterium January 25th
3rd in the Sprint
12th overall

LA Velodrome January 24th
Omnium 3rd place overall
4th Points race
3rd Scratch
5th Miss and Out
3rd Madison

2008 Race Results

Del Mar criterium
Jr. race 2nd
1st overall winner

1st Place L.A. Circuit Race

Track at San Diego March 6th:
2nd Points race
1st Madison

Murietta 2 day stage Pro 1-2 March 8th and 9th
22nd place
Road race: 55th
overall: 33rd

Del Mar Hoehn Motors Criterium March 12th
1st Place Juniors
4th Place 1-2 Pro

6th Red Trolley Pro 1-2
1st Ontario Juniors
9th Ontario Pro 1-2

2007 Race Results

1st Place Junior National Criterium Championships

Junior State Track Championships
2x Gold Medal Winner
2x Silver Medal Winner
2x Bronze Medal Winner

3rd Place Elite State Team Time Trial Championships
Top 30 Long Beach Grand Prix Cat Pro 1-2
24th Place Dana Point Criterium Cat Pro 1-2
9th Place San Luis Rey Road Race Cat 3
2nd Place Barrio Logan Grand Prix Cat 3 (State Championships)
6th Place Cyclovets Omnium (Road Race)
2nd Place Cyclovets Omnium (Criterium)
3rd Place Cyclovets Omnium (Overall)
1st Place (overall) Hoehn Motors Del Mar Crit Series Jr. 15-16
9th Place Hoehn Motors Del Mar Crit Series #1 Cat 1,2,3's
4th Place Hoehn Motors Del Mar Crit Series #2 Cat 1,2,3's
7th Place (Overall) Hoehn Motors Del Mar Crit Series Cat 1,2,3's
3rd Place Indio Grand Prix 2007 Cat 3's
8th Place Indio Grand Prix 2007Cat 2,3's
7th Place San Dimas Stage Race 2007 (Road Race)
5th San Dimas Stage Race 2007 (Criterium)
3rd Place Valley of the Sun Stage Race (Criterium)
2nd Place Dominguez Hills Criterium Cat 3's

2006 Race Results

State TT Champion Jr. 15-16
Track Olympic Sprint State Champion Jr. 15-16
National Criterium Champion Jr. 15-16
3rd Place National Track Points Race Jr. 15-16
3rd Place National Track Scratch Race Jr. 15-16
5th Place National Track 500 meter TT
5th Place Endless Summer Criterium Cat 3's
5th Place Endless Summer Criterium Cat 1,2,3's

Just a Few Words

Being a close friend of the Silva family, I suggested starting a blog to let Iggy's fans know what he has been up to. Most of you who know Iggy well, can probably guess that it has something to do with riding his bikes. That being said, this blog will not only cover his hot cycling career, but also the personal side of the kid. I mean, after all, Iggy is a 16 year old kid growing up in beautiful Southern California, San Diego to be exact. Please check back often, because this blog will be updated frequently by Iggy's Dad, Changuito and even some of Iggy's friends. Hopefully we can even get Iggy to post on here from time to time. You may find it interesting that Iggy has rarely read articles, seen interviews or watched his TV appearances where he has been the subject matter. That is just the type of kid he is.

Feel free to ask questions, make comments or even inquire about sponsorship, Cycling isn't cheap. We would like to thank you for taking the time to show up and once again, check back soon, you won't be disappointed.