Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cyclists Generate Pure Power

Iggy racing would like to thank Dr. Alan Richberg, S.D. Sports Medicine, and good friend, for inviting little Iggy to be a part of this special on Pure Power.


I want to tell you about the race. Ontario series of 5 races, February 22nd. This was a great team effort win for Rock Racing. Danny Finneran, Ian Moir, and Iggy Silva 111, started the train and did a great job in leading out the BIG BOYS Sterling Magnell, Raasahn Bahati, and Justin Williams, for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for the Pros. Raasahn got 1st, Sterling 2nd, and Justin Williams 3rd place. Great team effort and great team win. Great Job guys.

Daddy Iggy

Photos submitted by our good friend John R Goodman.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kind words from a friend.

hey iggy jr!!

I just want to tell you that you got me impress with the way you race on red trolley !!! You and your dad have been one of the examples when "Son and Father combine their powers" you have your dads support and thats very important that someone of your family member support you. i will love if my dad at least try's to be there in red troley to see my first race ,since i stop racing 4 years ago. but thats life, not every body has that aportunity like you. keep doing like dad iggy you have all my support. i know that i have never written an email to you ,BUT i just wanna say this few words to you.

LUCHA POR LO QUE QUIERES, NO DEJES QUE NADIEN TE PARE TU SUENO!!!! (tell your dad what it means in english)jeje
att: Arch. Garcia Jr.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A ride down memory lane...

These photos were sent to Iggy Racing from Becky Heely (Danny Heely's little sister). She took them at last year's Nationals. Thanks Becky!

Red Trolley Classic

Once again, I would first like to thank God for keeping everyone safe yesterday in what was an incredible race. Then I would like to thank Sean Burke for comping Iggy's race. Without people like that helping us, we would have not been able to race these last two days. Now for the race report:

WOW! so many riders and spectators. From grandparents to parents to kids and even kids in strollers. It was awesome. There must have been at least 200 riders in the pro field. Our good friends from Jelly Belly, Successful Living, Rock Racing and many other teams, and lots of friends. Since this is Iggy's blog I will mainly speak of how he did and what I saw. Boy, I am so proud of my son. Iggy was in the front a lot working and chasing. Just remember he's only 18 years of age and is out there with the BIG Boys, and doing very well. It was a fast race. The end came down to the wire where Jelly Belly had their train going and Iggy right behind them. Rhasahn Bahati and Justin Williams on Iggy's wheel. Iggy started the lead out for Justin and then jumped back in. Justin took the win. Our good friend Brad Huff got 2nd. A few others in between and Little Iggy finished 10th. He made a big impact on a lot of people after Saturday's race while being right in the mix of things till a broken chain took him out. I think what people were saying is that what mental toughness he has to stick it out during the snow and the rain. Then coming out yesterday and being in front a lot during the race. Steve Hegg said to me "what is your son doing up in front"? I then replied, "Getting you to notice him." Steve then replied, "You can't help but notice him." What a compliment coming from our good friend Steve Hegg, 1984 Gold Olympic winner. So many people are starting to notice little Iggy and it makes me very proud. What makes me even prouder is that people not only notice his riding skills, but also a well mannered and nice kid. That goes along ways just ask Neil Shirley. You can be competitive, but if everyone likes you because you are nice, you can go a lot further in the cycling world, and in life period. Thanks everyone for being so kind to us. It makes me proud to know you and to be treated with respect. I have always taught Iggy to be respectful and kind to everyone because it will take him far. Thanks for reading this if you do. Kids are awesome. God bless you for checking Iggy's blog and cheering us on. Randall, it was great seeing you there. Love you all.

Daddy Iggy

Thank you Kevin Davenport for your photos! Check out more of Kevin's photos aqui.

Here is a photo from Randall Hollis:
Look at Iggy leading the huge pack!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rain or Shine but Snow?

Yes, it's true, it was snowing at the Boulevard race on Saturday February 7th. It was awesome but of course I'm not the one on the bike. It sure was good to see all of our good friends again. Danny Van Haute and his Jelly Belly team with Bradd Huff. Matt the big Australian, my good friend Steve Hegg, '84 Gold Olympic winner who I bragg about all the time. And of course, our good friend Dr. Brent Kay and his Ouch team. Has anyone seen Floyd lately? He looks awesome and he has the Opie Taylor face of a Kid. It's a compliment. Floyd is such a nice guy. Iggy was saying that Floyd could have shreded the field if he had wanted to. He was talking the whole time and I think he was even eating pizza during the race. Iggy did great and was in the top 18 until 10 miles to go when he snapped his chain. Does that boy have torque or what? I'd better quit feeding him carne asada burritos. I think it's just his daddy's cooking. Iggy did awesome . He doesn't like to talk about himself nor does he ever make excuses. He was upset because he was there and made a big impression with all the "big boys" or should I say "big guns". One thing about Iggy, he's never satisfied and that's a good thing because it keeps him hungry. Son, you are awesome and I'm so proud of you. Keep up the good work and always be respectful to all of your friends in the cycling world. Just remember, no one is bigger than the sport of cycling, and it's always great to have friends and people liking you. Being a good rider and a nice guy goes along ways.

God, thank you so much for keeping everyone safe in the race yesterday. Also, UCSD thanks all so much for helping little Iggy. It was fun and you guys did a great race.

Love you all and God bless. Hope to see you guys at Red Trolley.

Daddy Iggy

Thank you Mark Johnson for your photo. Check out little Iggy with the Big Boys. Yes, that's Floy Landis in the group (third rider to the left of Iggy).

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thank You Race Promoters.

A great big shout out to the promoters of the Boulevard Road Race and the Red Trolly Classic for helping Iggy participate in the races this weekend. Now if Mother Nature will be equally as accommodating, it will be a great weekend of racing!