Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kind words from a friend.

hey iggy jr!!

I just want to tell you that you got me impress with the way you race on red trolley !!! You and your dad have been one of the examples when "Son and Father combine their powers" you have your dads support and thats very important that someone of your family member support you. i will love if my dad at least try's to be there in red troley to see my first race ,since i stop racing 4 years ago. but thats life, not every body has that aportunity like you. keep doing like dad iggy you have all my support. i know that i have never written an email to you ,BUT i just wanna say this few words to you.

LUCHA POR LO QUE QUIERES, NO DEJES QUE NADIEN TE PARE TU SUENO!!!! (tell your dad what it means in english)jeje
att: Arch. Garcia Jr.

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Anonymous said...

Thank You Fernando. Iggy believe it or not, does speak and reads Spanish. Thanks you for your support always.

Daddy Iggy