Sunday, May 24, 2009

Iggy is on Twitter, with dangling earings so i hear!!!

I guess my big bro and his friend Erick had nothing better to do than to go and get their ears pierced. I hope that's all they pierce!!!! Also i would like to say that my bro has adjusted to racing in Europe. His last few races he has finished 20th place! One week to go and he will be doing his dream race(Paris de Roubaix)!!!!!!!! Lets wish him luck!

This is me Eddie!!!!!!!!! The minny Blogger Iggy's little brother

Friday, May 1, 2009

News !!!!

Here is a story done by Alexandra Mendoza of Diario San Diego a story done in spanish about little iggy. Please check it out!!! Here is the link.

Erick Carnalla

Erick Carnalla took a picture a picture of my dad and my big brother at the Redlands Race. Thank you Erick!!

Long Beach Grand Prix Men's Pro Race

We would like to thank Christy Nicholson of SoCalCycling for taking these photos of my brother and dad!!!