Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Iggy and Chris Daggs right before a race! Picture by Nathan Loyal


bjkauffm said...

Eddie, I have had the pleasure of meeting your father at the gym. He sent me to the website you created, and I just wanted to say that you have done some great work. This website is something your entire family can be proud of. What a great way to support your brother's remarkable achievements!
Brian Kauffman

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for all that you have donme for little Iggy. Remember what I told you before that he use to say. "Hey Daddy,that's Chris Daggs man he's fast". I'm not saying that your not fast because you are but, what I'm saying is that you were one of the guys that Iggy has looked up to. When I saw this picture, I was very happy because of everything that you have done. Iggy really respects you. Incredible shot.

God bless and Thanks

Daddy Iggy

Anonymous said...

Love this picture! Especially since I knew both of you when you started racing as kids!