Monday, June 18, 2007

Ignacito at Glendale

Ignacio and bIggy drove up to Glendale yesterday so the kid could loosen up his legs in the 1-2 Pro race. Iggy ll called me last night and told me that Iggy raced hard, chasing down breaks, taking big pulls, you name it. I can't believe how strong this kid is and he seems to get stronger by the day. Did I mention he is only 16? Iggy finished with the group, but got some fast training out of the trip. I wish I could have been there. Thanks to Jonathan Ho, we can all see a bit of the action. Thank you again, Jonathan, your photos are amazing.

Father and Son

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Anonymous said...

Ted, you are so awesome. Well Jonathan, we got your name right ha ha. I just want to say thanks to everyone who is being a part of us and believing in us. For all of you fathers that we didn't get a chance to see Happy Father's day from the Iggy's. And for all of you guys who don't have any children for whatever reason and want to have one on those special occassions I will share young Iggy with you guys if you want. Thank you for your support. Just believe we do. We believe in our vision. God,thank you for watching over us, our family, and our friends. I told you that we would honor you and give you all of the credit for putting your spirit in us. Daddy Iggy