Monday, June 11, 2007

A Message From Iggy's Daddy

At one time or another, many people have lent us a hand. Whether it was someone giving us giving us clothing, working on Iggy's bike or even giving us lodging for a race. From the time that Dave Sr. from Pedal Pushers built Iggy's first wheels, to Steve Taylor getting Iggy some cranks off of Ebay after noticing Iggy's cranks were too long. I remember when Gary Westergren bought a funny looking bike at the velodrome so that Iggy could have a road bike (we still have it). How about Tony Olson and Pam Jorgenson have never gotten the credit they deserve for all of the good they have done for so many over many years. They have produced many riders through their classes at the San Diego Velodrome for children and adults. I call poor Tony daily asking him all types of questions. I have turned him into a good listener. I know Pam gets scared when I show up at the Velodrome while she and Tony are teaching their classes. She knows I will be talking to just about everyone and unintentionally disrupt her classes. I thank both of you for putting up with me. Shaun Wallace, Erik Hollenbeck, Shawn Burke, Chris Daggs, Nick Onate...geez, there are just so many people to thank. I will get to you all some day, so please bear with me. I want to thank you all for not babying Iggy and showing him the way it is. He is a tough kid and you guys deserve credit for toughening him up. Right Iggy? Iggy's childhood friends, Jimmy, Ky, Val, Jacob, Joe, Tim...what a great bunch of kids you are. I still believe you guys will buy the Chargers one day.

I would really like to thank the San Diego High School Baccalaureate Program, Principal Karen Wrobleski and all of Iggy's teachers who have worked with him and have allowed him train while getting his education.

Some of you who do not want the credit you deserve, thank you. We will never forget you and together we will make a difference.

Kids, never forget to be grateful for what you have and what your parents sacrifice just so you may continue to reach your goals and dreams. Remember if you aim low, you won't go. If you aim for the stars, you will go far. NEVER QUIT! You are just being tested.

The Power of believing. Don't forget to 'Get Iggy with it!' I know we have a long way to go, but the wheels are in motion.

Ted, Thank you for putting this blog together for us. Gina, you better keep training, Alison, you're a cutie..."Who's your Daddy?"

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Anonymous said...

Once again I want to thank the photographers for helping us out and who unselfishly keep on sending ue photos. Dan, thank you. And to my friend Ted who is making this possible for me to try and thank everyone who has lent a hand. And for all you people who know me I speak from my heart and I say what I feel so Mr. Ted is my censor. He is also feeding us so I must not go with him anymore because if I'm getting fat It's his fault. Ted, thank you so much for getting the big picture and making sure my son can perform to his capabilities by keeping him fueled. By the way if anyone is interested he uses the highest octane. May God always bless all of you have been a part of us. Thank you. Iggy's Daddy