Monday, April 7, 2008

Tuesday Night Track Racing

Here are some photos taken last Tuesday, the first night of track racing at the San Diego Velodrome. The photos were taken by Mark Bermal, who takes excellent photos, even though he is missing a 'T' in his last name. Enjoy.

Iggy and Scott Baker, who took 100 stitches after going down hard in Del Mar. We wish you a speedy recovery, Scott. It looks like one of the Guinness boys are tapping a keg to the right of the photo.

Iggy, keeping his eyes shut for some reason unbeknownst to everyone.

The Kid, doing what he does best.

Ah, this explains the eyes shut thing. Very talented. What a show-off.


Anonymous said...

These pictures were taken by Mark Bermal which will be corrected in our blog. We welcome all pictures but they must be clear so that we are able to post them in our blog. No disrespect to anyone but, we want to keep it clean. I would like to personally thank everyone who has helped Iggy's blog come together. My good friend Ted, who is in charge and takes the time to do this for us and all of the photographers proffessional and just friends who just like to go out and take pictures as a hobby and a good time. Pictures are alot of fun and alot of great memories that one can look back on. Also thank you very much for coming out to the races wether the track or any of the road races anywhere. Just come out and support your favorite racer and have a great time.

Daddy Iggy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post!

Mark V. Bermal