Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thinking of Sugar

On a more serious note, Tim Jackson, a.k.a Sugar, a.k.a. Masiguy was involved in a bike crash at the velodrome last night. I am sure he will cover the specifics on his blog as soon as he is out of the hospital and able to post again. I am sure Iggy ll will post a comment to this blog entry as soon as he reads it. He went to the hospital last night out of concern for Tim and has more of the specifics. All of our prayers are with Tim and his family and wish him a speedy recovery. I cannot stress enough, what a great guy Sugar is. He has been a friend to me in times of need and would give you the shirt off of his back. Please send him your well wishes. We love you Tim.

Sugar on the left, with Andrew of Adams Avenue Bikes. Uh, Tim loves bikes in case you did not know.


Anonymous said...

First I would like to thank Ted for doing what he does best in posting kind words and a picture of Tim. I just spoke with his step father and here is what is happening. He has 3 cracked vertebrae, a cracked skull, and a thumb that will be operated on this afternoon. I won't get into details about his thumb. If anyone can come and visit him after 4:00 p.m. at Mercy hospital I know he would appreciate it. He will be on the 10th floor at Mercy. His stepfather said it would be great if frieds would come and visit. Our prayers go out to him and his family and especially Katie. What a trooper. We wish Tim a speedy recovery. I'm sure as soon as he can he will post pictures of his mutulated helmet. I will see if somehow we can do that for him. And as Ted already mentioned he is one of the nicest guys around. Just look at his little girl Katie. She is really awesome just cheering when at the track " Go Daddy". I hope that some people get a chance to read this and go and see him.

Daddy Iggy

Anonymous said...

Iggy, Can you please email me when you get a chance? I am in China right now and would like to try to see if you can give me any more news on Tim. THanks, Wayne.