Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Track Season, Baby!!!

That's right, you heard it hear first. The San Diego Velodrome Tuesday night races start tonight. The kid has gotten faster each year and I cannot wait to see him ride tonight. I think he is going to bring the hurt. Please come out and cheer him on. Be sure to bring warm clothing, maybe even a blanket and do not forget your beverage of choice. The first night is always a big event, so be prepared to have fun. I will see you there. Geez, I just noticed that I did not have a link to the Velodrome, after all this time. Silly me.


Anonymous said...

Boy, if you guys didn't make it to the opening night at the San Diego velodrome you missed a great show put on by all the competitors. It was awesome. It was cold but, what a crowd and most of all what a great time even if I don't ride a bike. It is so awesome to see everyone there having such a good time wether it's watching the racing or talking to your friends. It's such a fun place just to come and hang out on a tuesday night just to watch different levels of racing. The last race of the night was pretty incredible. Everyone put on a show but as usual Shawn Wallace knows how to get you excited. Kevin Schiller, Shawn Wallace and Iggy Silva went head to head as usual. They had the crowd on their feet. Come out and join us next Tuesday night and every tuesday night until October at 6:30 p.m. It's happening and like alpha beta use to say "Tell a friend". Thank you so much.

Daddy Iggy

aeniii said...

Iggy is also welcome at Encino (we've scheduled our race dates to NOT conflict with the great program in San Diego). As a reigning national champion, he gets to race for FREE in exchange for letting us know he's coming (so we can publicize the heck out of it!).

Encino's season opener is April 5th.

Learn more at http://encinovelodrome.org