Thursday, May 1, 2008

Todays Word of the Day is....SUGAR!!!!!

Check out all of the Sugar updates on Blue Squirrels blog. A paypal account has been set up and there is a link from his blog. Also, if you see...I mean, hear, Daddy Iggy at the track tomorrow night, he will forward any donations to Mr. Sugar.


Anonymous said...

I just want to mention, that Tim and his family, are very grateful to everyone for showing so much concern. So many people have gone to visit him,e-mailed him, and even have called him. Thank God he came out of this. It sounds really bad but it could have been worse. The doctors say that he was very lucky. Thank you everyone for showing so much support and for caring. We all might have our differences and compete against one another but in the end we are all family. Tim, our prayers go to you and lots of them.

God bless and thank you God for watching over Tim.

Daddy iggy

blue squirrel said...

well said daddy iggy