Monday, March 23, 2009

Success in San Dimas!

Iggy finished 73rd overall. Road race 3rd place. Crit 7th place. Best young Rider 1st place. He's so awesome.

Daddy Iggy

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Anonymous said...

I think I messed up on the best youg rider part. He was the best on the crit and 2nd on the road. I'm sorry. Iggy always gets mad at me because I don't read things right but he never lets me down. Perhaps it's a sign of what is coming. He never makes a liar out of me. It just always works out that way since he was a little kid. He always proved me right. Thanks God and Son for giving me that. We will have some pictures up as soon as we get some from the race. We have friends who will be sending them to us. Thanks Al and the rest of the San Dimas gang. You guys put on a great race. We are glad to be a part of you guys.

God bless you guys.

what can I say, you are awesome. It's just the beginning. You haven't even come close to where you are headed. Stay grounded,humble,and always be kind. I love you so much. You still have along ways to go. Go for the Gold son. YOu will get it. Just keep on working hard and never ever give up. Remember the old cliche,"Winners never Quit and Quitters never Win". YOu are a winner and no matter what happens in your life, you have made me so proud. Go for whatever you want. I promise you something, it's your if you want it.