Monday, March 2, 2009

1st on the Podium at the MERCO Cycling Classic!!!

Merco Merced Classic race report:

Iggy chased and led out the big boys again for the win. Rahsaahn Bahatti 1st place, Justin Williams 2nd, and Little Iggy 12th in the criterium. Unfortunately, Danny and Sterling Magnell were involved in a crash.

2nd day - 120 mile road race. The race ended in an up hill field sprint. I guess Freddie Rodriguez went then another guy who I don't know who and then a guy from BMC cycling team and Iggy went next. Well, if anyone knows little Iggy if he's there in the end after a long gruelling race, it's on. The boy has endurance and can sprint as an endurance rider. Oh, I almost forgot, HE WON YAAAYYYY. He beat Ben Jacques-Maynes (who just completed the Tour of California and trains with Levi) and Taylor Tolleson (rode for Slipstream last year and is now on BMC).

I'm so proud of him. What a race to win. Unfortunately I was un able to attend. It's O..K. because God was there watching over him. God is good all the time, all the time God is good. I have always promised God that we would glorify him and honor him and give him all of the credit first, 2nd, Iggy for all of the hard work that he puts into it.

Son, you are awesome and I'm so proud of you.

God bless you always
Love Daddy

Hi Iggy,
Congratulations again! It was great talking with you about Iggy's big win. I have a few photos of him on the podium. Please extend my congratulations to Iggy and thank him for participating in the
MERCO Cycling Classic!

Jennifer West

We at Iggy racing would like to thank Jennifer West for sending us these pictures and also putting on a great race. Wow! what a great big win for Little Iggy and what a great big rock trophy also. A Rock trophy for a Rock cyclist. Could not come at a better time. A great big thank you to all of the sponsors of this great race. Thank you for the watch that my son won. Perhaps now he doesn't have any excuses for being late. Simply incredible. God bless you all

Iggy Racing
Daddy Iggy


Anonymous said...

good job iggy!


Anonymous said...

Iggy- I just came across your win on Great work!

Brett Clare

erv said...


Track is going to hurt this year. Here I am, sitting at work, reading this, and Iggy is out winning 192k races .


Go Iggy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Iggy!! We saw how high you finished in the crit, and that made great sense--but then you went out and won the road race! We knew you can sprint, but never knew you were a 192k guy--and that you'd have a sprint left in you at the end! Congratulations!!
Terry and Patty