Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Red Bull at Seau's Restaurant

This year's San Diego Supercross was on Saturday Feb 14th at Qualcomstadium. The night before Red Bull Energy Drink held a special event at Seau's Restaurant in Mission Valley to highlight their affiliation with theHonda Racing Team. The night featured an exciting raffle that included San Diego Supercross ticket packages, an autographed athlete jersey from amember of the Red Bull Honda Racing Team, and other motorcross items. Entertainment for the night included DJ Advice, the Red Bull Wings Team and Red Bull drink specials. Honorary guests included members of the Red Bull Honda Racing Team, Davi Milsaps, Andrew Short and 4 time national cycling champion and member of the Jr World US 2008 Team, Iggy Silva III. RedBull was thankful for the participation of Red Bull Honda Team members and Iggy Silva III. Their presence gave the night not only credibility but asense of excitement.
Edward Messina
Field Marketing Manager San Diego
Iggy with Cola
Iggy with the Crew
James and Iggy
Iggy with Wiings Team III
Iggy with Wiings Team II
Iggy Jr. and Daddy Iggy with Wiings Team
Iggy and Eddie with Wings Team

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Anonymous said...

Kim, thanks. These postings can be big things for little Iggy. I'm trying very hard to get something going for him so, when you post everything someone will get it. I hope. If not it's their loss.

Eddie, thank you and the rest of the Red Bull team for having us at your party. You have been so supportive of Iggy racing for along time. Even when he was playing football. Do you remember? Thanks for all of your support. I'm sure Iggy doesn't mind ever taking pictures with those beautiful Red Bull girls.
Perhaps we can take it to another level.

God bless

Daddy Iggy