Monday, August 6, 2007

Race Update From Belgium

Here is a portion of an email forwarded to us by Ben Sharp. It was written by Geoff Proctor who has been in Belgium with the 15/16 year program for the past 3 weeks and has just returned...

"I was with the Jr 15/16's yesterday for their last race, but I got the scoop from Erly on the 17/18's. Their first race (a pretty big one--Interclub), the Johan Museeuw Classic, took in a big lap interweaved with two small laps that incorporated a pretty tough 1.5 km section of cobbles. We rode them the Thursday before and it was very hard, but the guys said in the race, the pave wasn't so bad. It pretty much went as first races over here go, tough, mechanicals, taking it all in. Joey Rosskopf finished 49th and Rob Bush and Iggy Silva were in the 50's. Brett Jacoby broke his seat, Joe Kukolla a spoke and JP Leclair was under the weather.

Today, I got the opportunity to work with the guys at the local Izegem kermesse and I was pleased with their rides. We had a little team meeting before to go over some things and then it was game on. 22 x 4 km. The first really hot day here and after an initial break was brought back, we had both Iggy Silva and Brett Jocoby in the 8 man break that stayed away the rest of the race. Joe Kukolla rode an animated race in the chase but didn't realize the officials were going to make his group stop with 3 laps to go. So he really didn't sprint for his placing. Same thing for Joey Rosskopf who was in the next group back. Live and learn. JP Leclair and Rob Bush both flatted out. In the end, Iggy fought hard to finish 6th and Brett came in a tired, but creditable 8th place. Joe Kukolla came 15th and Joey Rosskopf 31st from a 60 rider field."

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Anonymous said...

Great Job you guys. We are all proud of you guys back at home. Don't forget to say your prayers. It really does work if you just believe.
Daddy Iggy