Sunday, August 12, 2007

Kind Words

Here is a letter that was sent to Iggy from Pat Jak of Fitness Vantage, Iggy Pop wanted me to include it on the blog...

Been meaning to send you a note ever since Vince forwarded me your Nationals results. Congrats, man!
And a second one is in order based on your recent results in Belgium. Great job to fight your way into the break and get a top ten finish. In Europe no less! I have a feeling it is the first of many.
Iggy, I want you to know some things. Us old guys that never had a chance to do what you are doing are living vicariously through you. And we love it. I look back fondly on my college days, road trips to races, bonding with teammates, and can only imagine what it is like for you. Cherish and savor this time.
I also have to let you know I raced against your coach, Ben Sharp, in college. At the time he was at Indiana University and I was at Miami (OH). He regularly kicked our asses and is not just a solid, strong rider himself but an excellent and highly respected student of our sport. So be sure to listen to every word he says. Ask as many questions of him as you can. Basically become a sponge and soak it all up. This is the beginning of your future.
And you should know that you are the future of cycling. Take pride in it. Our sport has been damaged in the past and you are a refreshing change that can return a positive light to the road.
Now I'm rambling. But I look back to the Omnium 3 years ago. You impressed me then with your poise. Two riders came in on you from either side and chopped your wheel, and you held steady. But it wasn't just your handling that was so smooth. It was your ability to keep a level head. To stay in control of yourself, your emotions, and the situation. You held strong and ended up passing right by them. Maintain that discipline as it will help you through any situation you find yourself - on and off the bike.
I have the utmost faith that in the future I will be reading results sheets of some of the greatest races on the cycling calendar and find your name. Keep it up and know we are supporting you the entire way. If you need anything, have any questions, or are looking for someone to ride with, never hesitate to email or call.
Remember, hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.
Your domestique,


Anonymous said...

As I read the comment of "kind words" I could not stop thinking why have the current powers at be (board members) have let down the juggernaut of iggy racing. Why is there not more support for this shining star of San Diego. As the national spotlight and indeed the international spotlight is being shone on San Diego because of the results of Iggys racing, why are not the board members doing more to improve our track? The place looks like sh-t!

Nick Mulder said...

Hey man,

We rode together in the Ronde van Antwerpen. I was the dutch guy from the US...Nice Blog.