Saturday, August 11, 2007

Belgium Update and a Couple of Cool Photos

I just got off of the phone with the kid in Belgium. He told me that they are riding with 4 riders since two of them crashed out yesterday. He said he and one of the other boys totally trashed themselves today early on, not knowing which breaks to go with and which ones to let go. I told him just to chalk it up to a learning experience and he agreed. He said they finished in the group today and wasn't sure of their placings overall. Tomorrow is the last day of the stage race. We keep the calls short since I am not sure what the calls cost. We have the same carrier, but I am not sure if it is free even though his Aunt was nice enough to pay the extra $$$ so his phone would work over there. I am sorry I did not find out the boys names who crashed out, just in case their parents are reading this. I am sure they probably know by now and I am assuming that the crashes weren't too bad.

Iggy at the San Diego Velodrome with Stephen(UCSD) in the foreground and Matt Johnson (5 Star Fish) in the background
photo: Lewis Abulafia

Iggy and the boys at Nationals winning the Team Pursuit
photo: Eyecon

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