Tuesday, July 24, 2007

USA Cycling Junior National Team

Iggy has been selected to race for the USA Cycling Junior National Team in Belgium come August. Here is his racing schedule for those of you who may be interested. A big congrats go out to Iggy for his hard work and perseverance. Have a safe trip, Iggy.

July 31-Aug.1 – Travel to Brussels

Aug. 4 – 120 km semi-classic in Gistel, BE

Aug. 5 – kermesse in Izegem, BE

Aug. 7 - Track

Aug. 9-12 – Ronde van Antwerpen in Antwerp , BE

Aug. 14 - Track

Aug. 15 – kermesse

Aug. 19 - Semi Classic (1.1) in Belgium

Aug. 20 – return to the United States


Anonymous said...

Today is a very special day. Today would have been Iggy's grandfathers 97th birthday if he were alive. It is also our saint day which is San Ignacio day or Saint Iggy day. Also, Iggy leaves to Belgium. Wow! is that some cool stuff or what? Last but not least, today our good friend Tony Olson will retire from coaching at the San Diego veladrome. Please come tonight and join us in saying good-bye to a very special person and friend. Racing starts at 6:30 p.m. See you there.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY SAINY DAY. I'm so proud of you. You have worked so hard to get to this point. Just do what you do best have fun, keep on smiling and do the Iggy thing. No matter what happens, Daddy knows that you always leave it there. Son, just remember to always thank God for what he has given you and what he is about to give you. It's your destiny. Remember you can't loose when you have God on your side. Have a great time in belgium and make us proud. Actually, you have already made us proud. Please keep us posted. I love you very much.

Ken Rosskopf said...

My son Joey will be racing with you in Belgium. Have a blast. You both deserve it for your hard work. I will check your blog for news.