Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sweet Photos

Here are some nice photos that were sent to us by.....I am sure B-Iggy will fill us in under the comments. I spaced out and just saved the photos. A couple are from Tuesday night racing and the rest are from Nationals.


Anonymous said...

I first would like thank the photographers who make Iggy's blog possible. The first set was done by our friend Tim from the track in San Diego. The second set was done by our friend up in ADT Gallo Grey Photos from South Bay Wheelmen. all of you who have participated in young Iggy's blog have a place in my heart. You guys make my day especially when i'm down and out. So a big thank you to you all.

Second but, yet first, this whole blog thing wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for my good friend Ted. Even when he's not feeling well he makes sure that Iggy's blog is up to date. Lately he hasn't been feeling well but yet finds the time to make me happy by putting up stuff that I ask him to. Thank you Ted. We Love you.

God bless to all of you

Daddy Iggy

Dr. said...

BIGGY!!! This is randal..graphic design.. i have been trying to call you since last friday when my phone cut me! or email for sure man.. its nice to see you wearing the shirt in these photos... and i really like the charles schults philosophy.