Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Here are some pix that were taken from someone in Mexicali. I do not know their name. The race promoter invited Iggy and Justin Williams to the race. Here are Iggy's results. The first day consisted of a 90 mile road race where Iggy finished 15th out of 100 riders plus. I forgot to mention this was a pro race. 2nd stage Iggy got 8th while climbing a brutal climb consisting of more than 14 miles from Mexicali to Tecate and an overal race of 80 plus miles. The 3rd stage he finished 5th while leading out Justin Williams for the win. Iggy's dad would like to thank the promoter for not only inviting our boys but for taking real good care of them. They had an incredible time. Thank you to the race promoter.


Anonymous said...

Great job guys . Justin keep your hands on the bars. Son, your awesome.

Thank you for taking and bringing our boys home safely.

LOve Daddy Iggy

Anonymous said...

i was there and iggy was racing with the best of mexico..there were guys that just did la vuelta mexico and vuelta chihuaha UCI 2.1 race. iggy got his respect here in mexico. nice guy, bright future i see you in SPAIN iggy , better practice you spanish!!