Wednesday, July 30, 2008

L' Abitibi Update

I did not want to have some alarming title for this post, so I chose one a bit more subtle. Iggy was in a crash about 300m from the finish and broke his collarbone. From what I understand, he was in second or third spot, when someone took out his front wheel. This info was not from Iggy, since he does not remember a thing due to a concussion. I am told it was a clean break. The US National Team coach said he is doing fine and is in good spirits. I could not find the results yet, but I believe his team mate went on to get first or second place which it great. I know Big Iggy is going to ask you all to say a prayer, so I will beat him to the punch. Let's hope he is back at it soon. I know he will be, this is one tough kid.


Anonymous said...

I just want to thank my friend Ted for keeping us all updated to Iggy's blog. Without him their would be no blog. So Ted thank you so much fro all that you do. Now to my son and the team. Son ,you are incredible and awesome. We are so proud of you. You had an incredible ride and awesome year. Ted is right and he beat me to it please pray for Iggy to get well soon so that he may continue his sucess. This will force Iggy to rest. He will miss his Jr. Nationals and we will never know if he would have won 3 Nationals back to back to back but hey like I've alwyas said we are on "Gods game plan" and he's got a different plan for young Iggy. God willing he will be ready for Elite Nationals. Be ready for a show.

U.S Nationals,
we are very proud of all you guys. GREAT JOB!

Daddy Iggy

Gregory said...

Dads right. rest up and get back out there, incredible job so far Iggy, this is only the beginning to a long road. There are so many examples of people coming back in stronger form after minor and major injuries. I look forward to the comeback.

Gregory Klein

Anonymous said...

Get well Iggy.Were all so happy you have made it this far. Rest and and feel better. Hope all is well -

Love your Bancroft st neighbors =]

Anonymous said...

hey iggy its josh. i was right on your wheel, and saw that a guy came right over your wheel. you hit the ground pretty hard. i thought i was going down as well as i rode the last 10 km with a flat front wheel. but i was glued to your wheel for the last 20 km. anyways hope u get better dude!!!!!!!!!!