Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Iggy and Daniel

Here is a photo Iggy II found on Fixed Gear Fever, the person who uploaded it there is Scott, if anyone has info on who he is, please tell me so we can give him the proper credit. Nice job guys.

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Daddy Iggy said...

Thanks Ted, For those of you who don't know already, Ted is our friend and person who is responsible for putting Iggy's blog together, and constantly up loading things for us. So a BIG THANK YOU to our friend Ted for taking the time in doing this for Iggy Racing.
This picture was taken in Canada at 6 day Burnaby. The boys went on to win that day, which was the 4th day. Great Job guys. That was huge. Iggy "gootch,gootch" Silva at age 17,and Daniel "pooky" Holloway age 20. You guys were incrdible. I love you guys. USA cycling,thank thank you. Canada, thank you, thank you as well.
Oh yeah,I almost forgot, the boys went on to win the 6th day also which put them in 5th place overall. WOW! God bless everyone responsible for the trip and a great jop up north. You guys were awesome to the boys from the press and the photographers, to the promoters. Go Canada, and of course we can't not say go USA afterall that is our country.
God bless you all.
LOve Daddy Iggy. P.S. all of the greatness that everyone did, gives the meaning to "GETTING IGGY WITH IT!