Thursday, January 3, 2008

Great Photo!

Here is a photo that was just sent to us by Mario Bartel. It shows Gootch Gootch and Daniel Holloway, the Red Fox, performing a perfect throw. Excellent photo, Mario. Thank you. Sorry for the nicknames guys, I had to humor B-Iggy.

Mario Bartel
Photographer - Burnaby Newsleader

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Daddy Iggy said...

Thank you so much Canada, for the great up dates, and also the great shots. Thank you Glen, for making these pictures possible for us to have.
Ted, you are to funny and the best. In case alot of people don't know Ted is not only a great friend who puts up with me but also screens things for me and keeps me taimed. I hope I spelled the last word right. Anyways, he's the guy responsible for our blog. Can you say Ted? How about 3 cheers for my friend Ted. Hip, hip, hooray times 3. He knows that posting all this stuff about my son makes me happy.

Thank you everyone
love Daddy Iggy