Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nice Message By Ray Toilolo

What a wonderful and great article. I was truly blessed reading the article. I finally had quiet time to read it, everything someone quoted about you is true. You are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow to whoever you meet. You been faithfull in the things God has put before you. God honors that, Jesus said when you are faithfull with little things, He will make you ruler of big things. Continue to walk in the things of the Lord and he will direct your path. You always trusted and knew God was always watching over you and provided for you. Never lose that faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. I'm so glad for I-3, you both have worked so hard, all that is coming is well deserved. One thing to remember, the Bible says where much is given, much is also required. Keep loving people my brother (try to keep on our stripes) haha - Love you Man -

Coach Ray


Anonymous said...

Coach, the man with the stripes. You have been an inspiration to me and God sent you to me just iin time. You always know what to say when I need it. Now I truly have something written by you that when in need, I will just go there to keep me going. I love you coach and the whole Samoan connection. You guys are what family is all about. God, knows that I'm not afraid of anything or anyone because I have him but, he also knows I'm not dumb. He put you in my life for a BIG reason. I do listen. You have made me understand so much. God bless you always coach and your beautiful family. Thanks for always welcoming me to your family. Great party.

God bless and manny blessings.

Daddy Iggy

Anonymous said...

My Son "Eddie the Mini Blogger" You are simly incredible and very blessed with all of your talents. Keep on going forward with whatever your heart desires. Never Quit. Many obstacles will be thrown at you trust me with that but only the strong survive. It's in your genes my son. Don't ewver let anyone tell you that you can't do something because you can and you will. Many people will try to discourage but don't you listen. People like that you don't need around you. Just go forward and surround yourself with positive things and people. You can ever go wrong when you have God in your heart and on your side. Trust me with that also. I love you so much and thank you for being a part of your brother. You are simply incredible. Your brother is so lucky to have you as a brother as I'm lucky to have you as my son.

God bless you always.