Thursday, January 15, 2009

The torch has been passed...

And I am honored to carry the torch through the next phase of Iggy's career. Ted, you did an awesome job creating and maintaining this blog! I will post with great respect for what you started.

So I hear people love to see photos, look out Iggy fans, photos you will have. I will be going to as many of Iggy's races as I can, the first one is at the LA Velodrome on the 24th.

Who am I, you wonder? Well, I am a huge cycling fan and a recreational rider (5000+ miles per year). I am an amateur photographer with a big dream to make it a profession. How lucky am I to be able to combine my two biggest passions in life? And the icing on the cake is the fact that my love for what I do can now benefit the Iggys. What a wonderful feeling.

I met the Iggys at the Dana Point Grand Prix on June 1, 2008. I had my telephoto lens pointed at the start of the Pro 1&2 race. Daddy Iggy walked right up to me and said "See that kid in the white jersey? Take a picture of him, he is my son. He is going to be a star." I had never seen a bike race in person, let alone photograph one. Having someone specific to focus on made all the difference and gave me a reason to be there. I ended up with some great shots (July 6, 2008 post).

Meeting the Iggy's has been a Godsend for me, this is going to be a really fun ride!

Kim Michaels


Iggy Racing said...


You are incredible. You had my eyes watering. Thank you so much. You write incredible and you say what my heart feels. God bless you forever for helping my son.

Thank you God for putting Kim in my life.

Daddy Iggy

Anonymous said...

Ha...that sounds like Big Iggy...we all know Iggy is a huge talent on his own...but Big Iggy helps direct the attention towards him. It was great meeting you at the velodrome the other day Kim...and I am still thinking of how lucky you are to be at the whole TOC!

Anyway... Ill look out for you on Palomar on the final stage...and at the tuesday races...5,000 miles eh? better than my year ;)

sup Biggy!