Friday, December 26, 2008

Iggy approved...

Kim Michaels sent us this photo of Iggy at the velodrome. I think he likes Emerald Balance from the look on his face.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for coming down and shooting and taking pictures of Iggy. Son, you have it all. From having the desire to be the best to an incredible smile. You are very blessed. Please always honor God and, give him thanks and the glory that he deserves. He's really looking out for you. Always be a respectful and, be a gentlemen. Always remember to have morals, ethics, and principles. I think you know that it's a lost art. Never, ever quit. Go for the Gold and reach for the Stars and I promise you, you will go far. You have got an incredible head on your shoulders. Daddy has always trusted you and your decisions. I'm blessed myself to have a wonderful son like you and your little brother Eddie. Keep on doing the right thing. You have an incredible following and people really love you. Son, I love you . God bless you always your,

Da da.

Now for you Ted, this blog would not even be possible if it wasn't for you. So many people all over the World can keep in touch with little Iggy or see what is going on with little Iggy because of you. Thank you so much for getting it and helping us.

Your friend

Daddy Iggy