Monday, October 22, 2007

Iggy and Dana's Crosstraining

Iggy or Dana in their rock climbing gear

I just got off of the phone with Iggy II and he told me that Iggy and Dana are planning on going rock climbing tomorrow. Kids crack me up. As you probably know, we are having the biggest wildfires in California history right now and I am pretty sure that most places for natural rock climbing are not too safe. I asked Iggy II what they planned on wearing and I was able to snap this photo of one of them in their rock climbing gear. I am in no way making light of the fires, just that the kids are going on with life, business as usual.

On a more serious note, my parents lost their home in the Cedar Fire, as did Eddie B. My parents house was one of the first to burn in the Cedar Fire, since their home borders the Cleveland National Forest. It is real touch and go, as I type this, at my parents house which they rebuilt after the Cedar Fire. Cost makes it near impossible for many people to afford fire insurance in many of these areas, if is available at all. If my parents lose this house, they do not have the money to rebuild. Our prayers are with not only my family and Eddie B., but everyone who is being impacted by this fire.

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Anonymous said...

Ted,you kill me. I also want to mention that in no way are we making fun of what is going on. This is a serious matter to all of us and we pray for those people outhere who are going through this awful nightmare. As Teddy mentioned are prayers and thoughts go out to everyone. It's really cool to see that no matter what the problems may be we always come together in time of need and that is beautiful.
Teddy is right, kids are kids and I don't think they really realize what is going on. Now who in their right mind would say "Hey dad we are going rock climbing tomorrow" I'll tell you who KIDS. It's a great thing to be a KID.